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Why self-awareness is the key to personal development

We thought you might find it interesting to read a couple of articles that piqued our interest in November - all pointing to self-awareness as a great starting point for personal development. The first takes a look at the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) in...

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Fruitful calendar of events

We've got a very busy year coming up in 2019, so we thought it might be useful to pull together the Fruitful calendar of events so far. We'll update this as new events get booked or more details are available. January 9th & 10th Jan - Open certification course at our...

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How to be an inspirational leader

Ever wondered how to empower your team? How to create a culture based on trust and transparency? In essence ... how to become an inspirational leader? Be inspired and motivated to improve your leadership skills and build your own high performing team with Heidi...

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You have a personal brand, even if you don’t know it!

I’m writing this after delivering a session on personal brand, which was part of a week-long leadership academy. One of the first questions I asked the group was, 'what would you think if someone said to you ‘I’m currently working on building my personal brand’? Their...

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How long do you spend dealing with workplace conflict?

The average manager spends one to two days every week dealing with workplace conflict. Is this you? There are healthy ways to deal with conflict, but these may not be our automatic responses. When we feel threatened or our emotions are heightened, our instinct is to...

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Grow myself, grow my business – 9th November, Birmingham

Are you a small business owner? Do you find it hard to balance your time working in your business and on your business? This event on 9th November is designed for SMEs who specialise in OD, HR, training and coaching. It will help you step outside your business to take...

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Why include Everything DiSC in your 2019 L&D strategy?

Deciding which work psychometric tool/personality test to use is not an easy decision, with the variety of choice available on the market and the acclaimed reasons to choose each tool. It can also be difficult to differentiate between the different DISC profiles on...

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How DiSC profiling can help improve employee engagement

Why can’t our team achieve our goals? Why are we losing good employees? Why are certain areas of the business suffering from lower productivity? Why do we have more customer complaints than this time last year? Why is our absence rate so high? Are these some of the...

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