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Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict

Boost organisational results, strengthen relationships

Avoid destructive behaviour and help everyone in your organisation respond effectively to the unavoidable challenges of workplace conflict.

In terms of when to use it we’re talking conflict management, communication, team building, productivity and self-awareness.

Develop a culture where everyone feels confident in handling conflict in a positive and effective way.

For most of us, conflict situations are threatening, and it’s our instinct to protect ourselves. We may react so quickly that we don’t even thin about what we’re doing, But beneath the surface, there’s a process playing out: a conflict event triggers an automatic thought, which in turn triggers a destructive response.


Help your people to

  • Understand their own response to conflict and that of others
  • Explore the conflict behaviours (productive & destructive) typical of each DiSC style
  • Learn how to manage and adapt their response to conflict situations for positive outcomes
  • Discover different strategies to enable them to engage in positive, productive conflict

Big benefits

  • Team performance and productivity
  • Team members learn how to ‘step back’ from destructive conflict, reframe their thoughts and adapt their responses
  • Colleagues collaborate better together with greater respect and understanding
  • Disagreements are resolved quickly without tension filtering through the team
  • Positive discussions and shared ideas leads to greater creativity and enhanced problem solving

Productive Conflict Facilitation kit now available

Imagine an organisation where disagreements and difficult feedback are handled in a positive and productive manner. Everything DiSC Productive Conflict provides you with the practical tips, simple strategies and achievable actions to achieve just that.

Everything DiSC Productive Conflict brochure

Key Features

Perfect for ANYONE in your organisation (any role, team, title or level)

Productive conflict is the perfect way to develop positive and effective responses to conflict

22 page reports detailing conflict response, behavioural style and action points for self development

These stand alone documents are memorable, supportive, easy to read and incredibly accurate

Clear and simple strategies to developing effective conflict resolution skills

Achievable, personalised action points lead to long-lasting developmental change

Different reasons for destructive responses to conflict are clearly outlined

Greater awareness of each style in relation to conflict improves understanding and resolution

Super quick to complete (15-20 minutes) & no waiting for results

Online adaptive questionning ensures speed, accuracy and allows instant access to profiles

Please visit our case studies page to read about Productive Conflict in action or of course give us a call.

Your Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Toolbox

In addition to the personalised profiles you also gain access to a wide range of reports and facilitation material to help you get the most from this fabulous tool.

Of course, the best way to appreciate the power of Productive Conflict is to check it out for yourself. So, please click on the links below to see exactly what you get.

Product Conflict Profile Open link

Explore the destructive and productive conflict behaviours of each DiSC style, understand how to mange responses to conflict situations and discover communication strategies when engaging in productive conflict with colleagues

Comparison Reports Open link

Improve 1-1 working relationships

Group Culture Report Open link

Understand the cultural dynamics of your teams

Facilitator Supplement Open link

Deeper analysis of assessment scores

Facilitator Report Open link

Enrich team development

Team View Report Open link

Your team’s DiSC styles in one place

Facilitation Kits Open link

Complete modular facilitation programme

We're ready to help!

Here at Fruitful, we certify, up-skill, train and support Leaders and Learning & Development professionals to fully understand the DiSC profiles, ensuring they benefit from their application. So, if you're an L&D Professional responsible for the people development within your organisation, working independently within an L&D business or within a training consultancy, we'd love to hear from you.

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