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Everything DiSC & The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team – Behavioural profiling and learning solutions to transform the workplace

The only authorised partner in the UK delivering Wiley’s official, Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team™ certification, alongside DiSC training, DiSC profiling and consultancy, to improve your workplace performance.

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We are experienced DiSC specialists with learning and development expertise. Through our assessment based learning solutions, we help individuals to understand more about themselves and others within the workplace. This boosts team performance, prevents destructive conflict and provides targeted coaching opportunities. Individuals, teams, managers and leaders are all developed to achieve cohesive organisational goals. Using the Everything DiSC profiles also helps retain and recruit the right employees, all resulting in exceptional workplace performance.

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Everything Disc - A Wiley Brand

Official Wiley Everything DiSC® Certification

The only authorised partner offering Wiley’s Official, Everything DiSC Certification programme in the UK.

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The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive team™

This robust team development programme will help you gain competitive advantage.   Learn more

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Benefit from a wealth of knowledge and expertise through our experienced facilitators and L & D professionals, we’re happy to help.

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Official two day Wiley certification

Only two places left on our 9th & 10th January certification programme in the West Midlands.

Over 45 million people across the globe have benefitted from the power of Everything DiSC and the Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team

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The Fruitful Team developed and delivered a 2-day custom certification programme for trainers and HR partners in our organisation. The team worked with us closely on what we hoped to gain in the programme and checked in regularly to make sure we were tracking to expectations. It was a great two days. Heidi is a strong facilitator and our group learned much about effectively managing a DiSC session by observing her methods. The team are very approachable, and the training felt comfortable and productive. The Fruitful Toolbox are credible, professional and responsive. I was completely pleased with their work and would certainly recommend them to others.

Kim Hefley, Senior Leadership and Development Manager

I recently attended the Everything DiSC suite and Five Behaviors Of A Cohesive Team accreditation training programme, facilitated expertly by Heidi and organised and supported brilliantly by Fruitful. A really valuable addition to the “Toolkit” for my business. Thank you Heidi and team.

Caroline Marshall, Director, Lighthouse HR Consulting Ltd

The accreditation course was a brilliant experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the two day’s I spent with Fruitful. I have already got additional work from existing clients as a result of the Everything DiSC services that I can now provide.

Stuart Allen FCMI FInstSMM

I had a great day with Heidi and her team. Heidi created a relaxing and stimulating environment, facilitating eight professionals in the knowledge and understanding of Everything DiSC and Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team. This was a certification programme and Heidi’s personal stories and anecdotes enriched the whole experience and I am very grateful, plus I am certified now. Thank you Heidi for your ongoing support, post course too.

Kyle Jaggers, Manager, London Management Centre

I recently competed my accreditation for the Everything DiSC system with Heidi. The course was well structured and delivered in a professional yet enjoyable manner. Heidi made sure the learning hit home and all of the participants went away eager to start using the system ASAP. Can’t recommend more.

Toby Wilson, Director, Containment Ltd

I spent a very valuable day with Heidi at The Fruitful Toolbox. It was a full day covering all the Everything DiSC profiles, including The Five Behaviours of a Team tool which I was particularly interested in. Heidi facilitated the day expertly. I was amazed at the range of tools I now have access to through the Everything DiSC programme and came away having learned a huge amount, and with a wealth of psychometric tools and other resources at my fingertips. Heidi and her team were incredibly helpful and the follow-up support has been fantastic. I would definitely recommend Heidi and The Fruitful Toolbox to anyone who wishes to gain their DiSC accreditation.

Anna Chapman, Organisation Development Specialist, Anna Chapman Consulting

I attended a 2 day DiSC training with the Fruitful Group, which was a fantastic introduction to DiSC and also the 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team. The training was facilitated really well by Heidi Blakeway. She explained things simply and effectively, which gave me great confidence to start using the tools immediately. It is a great addition to my toolkit!

Lorna Jeromson, Wellbeing coach and trainer, LBJ Solutions UK

As an L&D specialist who has been through many of these things, often these courses are quite samey but Heidi pitched it perfectly and really connected with me and the rest of the group.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days and learned lots!

Angela Davies, Head of L&D, AJ Bell

Heidi is a fantastic trainer and really bought the DiSC tool to life. DiSC is a very accessible and easy to understand tool and I recommend its use in bringing together teams and helping them appreciate their different working styles. Furthermore I would recommend the Fruitful Toolbox as a training provider they are friendly, professional and prompt.

Rachael Pagett, Learning & Development Advisor, Queen Mary University of London

Thank you so much for a really enjoyable and informative day. Everything DiSC was fascinating and my profile was unerringly accurate. I think that Everything DiSC will be a great asset to my own toolkit and I’m really looking forward to using it with new and existing clients. I particularly liked the Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team and can’t wait to get started with getting to grips with the model. Thanks again, I would have no hesitation in recommending people to sign up for this course

Mike Holland, NLP Trainer & Master Practitioner, Leadership & Team Development Specialist

I was lucky enough to attend an exceptionally well-delivered workshop on Everything DiSC by Heidi this week. I have been contemplating, and quite frankly procrastinating, for some time over which psychometric tool I wanted to have in my toolbox first. Her outstanding knowledge of the product, backed up by her wealth of experience, plus her very natural ability to engage fully with the group meant, that we all got a lot from the intensive day of training. The workshop was engaging and fun, with the appropriate balance of ‘theory’ and practice, to help us appreciate the potential application of the tool, and the range of DiSC profiles available to use. I am really looking forward to getting out there and facilitating Everything DiSC with my future clients

Kevin Frisby, L & D Manager

Heidi recently delivered an excellent 2 day programme on Everything DiSC and the Five Behaviours  model, for members of the L&D and HR teams here in Gwynedd. The learning experience was excellent, delivered professionally by an expert in the field, and supported by an extremely helpful and effective team ‘back at base’.Heidi created an energetic, positive and supportive learning environment, which allowed delegates to discuss deep and sometimes quite personal experiences openly and comfortably. We learned a lot, but also had fun doing so! The 2 day programme trained us to deliver Everything DiSC and the Five Behaviours workshops, but we also discovered a great deal about ourselves. Personally, this is one of the most beneficial personal development experiences I have received in recent years. Furthermore, there is huge potential for using Everything DiSC profiles and Five Behaviours workshops widely within our organisation, with clear benefits to individuals and teams. We look forward to doing so.

Carey Cartwright, L & D Manager, Gwynedd Council

Having just attended the DiSC trainers course with Heidi’s this week, I can’t recommend it or her enough.  The day’s content is great and helps you to really understand the model and all of the tools available… In fact I now plan to research more and hope to be able to facilitate a number of sessions going forwards. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the wonderful tools available.

Kerry Smith, HR Business Partner, Service Operations, Sodexo

Heidi’s Everything DiSC certification course was informative, engaging, clear and concise. I’ve been really impressed by the professionalism and support offered by Heidi and the team at Fruitful Toolbox and I’m really pleased we chose to partner with them. Looking forward to the on-going relationship as we start to use the tool.

Susie Rowe, Learning & Development Manager, NGA Human Resources

Heidi is a fantastic coach, trainer and facilitator! An absolute expert in behavioural profiles and psychometrics. The course was fun, engaging and extremely insightful! Highly recommended!

Angela Hodgson, Head of Global Retail Academy, Bentley Motors Ltd

Heidi provided a great insight into DiSC and The 5 Behaviours, bringing these to life in an authentic and credible manner. I would highly recommend both her and the Fruitful Toolbox team.

Ian Wainwright, Learning Relationship Lead, BP

I’ve recently completed Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Certification programme superbly led by Heidi. Having experienced many psychometric tools over the years, I was impressed with the encouragement and support to use these practical tools to make a difference with my clients rather than getting overwhelmed with all the science and statistics behind the tool. Straightforward to understand and use, Everything DiSC uses everyday language and concepts to bring a common understanding and awareness to our personality preferences. Powerful in it’s simplicity; engaging in practice; opportunities to deepen coaching conversations and increase awareness with individuals and teams. I was also impressed with the on-going support as a Certified Trainer I will get from the Fruitful team.

Sally Dhillon, Partner, Career-Mums

I recently completed The Fruitful Toolbox’s Everything DiSC certification programme. I’m based in London where there are a number of providers of this programme, however I chose to travel to Fruitful’s course in Bromsgrove because their package, marketing and customer service was so friendly, approachable and showed a real commitment to their customers’ success.The course itself covered a lot of content yet with Heidi’s relaxed, experienced facilitation style, I felt there was plenty of time for questions and practice.Unlike the other providers I researched, Fruitful offer great follow-on support. I’m really happy to have chosen them and to recommend them to others.

Julie Smith, Coach 

Heidi expertly demonstrated her knowledge of Everything DiSC in a relaxed, fun but informative certification session. Her knowledge of the profile is impressive and her natural, relaxed and friendly manner ensured that I was able to understand the content, pass the test and feel very enthused about using DiSC with my clients.

Elizabeth Mossemenear, Trainer, Solicitors Regulation Authority

Heidi was an amazing facilitator and learning professional on the DiSC certification training I have just completed. She brought the sessions to life with real scenarios and examples, interactive ‘games’ and an expertly crafted day of fun learning that didn’t feel like learning at all! There was lots of laughter in a friendly environment. Heidi put me at ease from her initial introduction through all the exercises to the assessment at the end – and then the post care support has also been fantastic! I cannot recommend Heidi and this DiSC training highly enough if you are wanting to develop your knowledge, understanding and skills in psychometric testing and use as a coaching tool

Lindsey Hood, Professional Coach

I attended the Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Certification programme recently and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Heidi is a fantastic facilitator and even though I had not been involved in psychometrics for some time, she explained everything in a way which was easily understood and which I could apply directly in my day to day work. The session was highly interactive and Heidi ensured that all delegates (with very different personalities) participated and engaged really well. Heidi also provides ongoing support in the use of the tools which is unique. I would highly recommend the programme.

Lisa Whittleton, Consultant

Heidi delivered a well-paced, content-filled, “Everything DiSC” and “Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team” Certification programme. Friendly and highly knowledgeable, Heidi ensured that we all came away ready to deliver DiSC and with great self knowledge which we can apply straight away in our day to day interactions as well as in our roles as trainers and coaches. I really enjoyed the course and I would not hesitate to recommend Heidi and The Fruitful Toolbox team for your DiSC training needs.

Shirley Hensher, Coach, The Change Agent Ltd

I recently attended my Everything DiSC and Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team Certification with the team at The Fruitful Toolbox. The concept was simple, made perfect sense and was made all the easier through the facilitation and we had a lot of fun while we learned. I’d highly recommend this course, to anyone wishing to certify in this field.

Jackie Handy, Runway Global

I had one of those rare experiences – a high expectation that was met! The Fruitful Toolbox delivered above and beyond – so much so that I am looking forward to repeating the experience in 2017.

Philip Dyer, Founder, nxo Business Growth Consultancy

I recently attended The Fruitful Group’s Everything DiSC workshop to become accredited in using this tool. Everything about my interaction with The Fruitful Group was excellent. The pre-course work was clear and easy to follow. The workshop itself surpassed my expectations. I really like the fact that the tool is easy for the participants of it to understand. I would recommend this certification workshop and using the Everything DiSC with teams.

Jenny Wade, Independent Leadership Consultant

I had the great fortune to attend The Fruitful Toolbox’s accreditation course for Everything DiSC recently and I can’t recommend it highly enough.  This is a must for HR, OD, L&D and Talent professionals who don’t just want to contribute to the performance and success of their organisation but also want to learn more about themselves in the workplace. I left feeling much richer in knowledge than I did when I walked into Fruitful that morning.

Bernadette Pelster, Chief People Officer, Open GI Ltd

Heidi’s delivery of all things DiSC was excellent. A consummate professional, we received perfectly judged content for our needs on the day. It was a pleasure to sit in the learning seat for a change. I would highly recommend anyone wishing to pursue DiSC & Lencioni’s 5 behaviours profiling to explore the Fruitful Toolbox offering.

Kelly Moller, Leadership Development & Coaching Specialist

The Fruitful Toolbox developed and delivered a 2 day custom certification programme for trainers and HR partners in our organisation. They worked with us closely on what we hoped to gain in the programme and checked in regularly to make sure we were tracking to expectations. It was a great two days. Heidi is a strong facilitator and our group learned much about effectively managing a DiSC session by observing her methods. Heidi is very approachable and the training felt comfortable and productive. She is credible, professional and responsive. I was completely pleased with her work and would certainly recommend her to others.

Kim Hefley, President Dexter Educational Play

Great session with The Fruitful Toolbox learning more about Everything DiSC and the Five Behaviours of successful teams. Really pleased to be an accredited facilitator now and I’m looking forward to working with them again.

Victoria Lee, HR Services Manager, Wychavon and Malvern Hills District Councils

I recently attended training by The Fruitful Toolbox on Everything DiSC and Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team Certification programme. It was an excellent 2 day programme, pitched perfectly, covering everything I needed to enable me to deliver Everything DiSC and to decide which tools would be most appropriate for my client base. Highly recommended.

Kevin Brent, Founder of BizSmart

I recently had the pleasure of working with The Fruitful Toolbox as a participant in an ‘Everything DiSC’ facilitation course. Every aspect of the two days was excellent and their expertise and enthusiasm for the ‘tools’ shone through. As a mediator and OD specialist the learning I received has added an extra dimension to the services I can now offer my clients.

Andrew Rundle, Mediator and OD Practitioner

I recently attended an Everything DiSC and 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team Certification workshop run by The Fruitful Toolbox. What a fantastic 2 days! Having worked in the field of Learning and Development for over 15 years, it was so refreshing to attend something new and exciting. The tools are so practical and useable, as well as being incredibly insightful. Heidi’s passion for the topic come over so strongly throughout the 2 days, I left invigorated! Can’t recommend the workshop highly enough. For all you HR and Learning & Development professionals out there, get yourselves booked on!

Alison Horner, Associate, Think, Inspire and Create Limited

Heidi has supported me and a number of colleagues in achieving certification status in Everything DiSC and Five behaviours of a cohesive team. I have found Heidi to be helpful, knowledgeable and easy to work with and learn from. Her prior working background allows her to facilitate learning that is relevant and focuses on the organisation world.

Jon Moon, Learning & Development Delivery Manager, Sodexo

Fruitful’s DiSC Certification was excellent. After the 2 days I have enhanced my own knowledge and confidence to use the suite of profiles when recruiting, coaching and running development sessions for teams, managers and leaders. The tools are easy to use, accessible, and cost effective. I would be very happy to recommend Fruitful – they are true L&D professionals with an outstanding knowledge of both DiSC and The Five Behaviors and how to practically use them in a variety of organisations and situation.

Sue Yates, Partner, Mentor and Business Growth Coach

There are few people in your career that truly inspire, challenge and develop you. Heidi is one of those few people that has had a significant impact on my career as a HR leader. As a HR professional, Heidi is strategic in thinking, inspirational as a people leader and consistently delivers results. Heidi is an accomplished consultant that provides realistic solutions that adds value and improves capability. I would highly recommend Heidi and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Craig Heaney, Head of L & D Group Operations, Centrica

Everything DiSC & The 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team help people get the best out themselves and their teams to achieve great business results. Heidi’s interactive training gave me the knowledge and skills to make the best use of the practical, actionable exercises within each of the facilitation programmes. The customer support following certification is simply excellent and it’s this that sets The Fruitful Toolbox apart from other company’s offering this type of certification.

Jo Udy, Director, UP

The Fruitful Toolbox delivered a tailored fast track Everything DiSC and Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team workshop for myself and 2 colleagues. We had an enjoyable and informative day and I particularly like the ongoing support and resources that Fruitful provide post training.

Fiona Collings, Learning & Organisational Development Consultant

My work with The Fruitful Toolbox has always been a pleasure. The act of combining a theoretical toolbox into practical applications with the application of day-to-day pragmatism is difficult to fault and the on-going support of certified trainers is second to none. I would recommend the Fruitful Toolbox as a first class company to work with.

Gary Pyke, Director, Emotepeople Ltd

Heidi follows through on her commitment to provide ongoing support to delegates and clients ensuring she has built a strong and well earned reputation as a expert in her field. For anyone looking to become an accredited trainer in this area, or indeed simply call on her expertise, they’ll get top notch insight and support.

Alison Shipway, Leadership & Organisational Development Consultant

My team gained so much from the Five Behaviours Programme, both about themselves and how they contribute to the overall team. The impact of the training was immediate, as individuals understood each others styles and showed appreciation on what needed to be done to make a cohesive team.

Rosa Osman, People Development Manager, Wilson James

Had a great 2 days learning how to use DiSC profile and 5 behaviours team model. Expertly and masterly facilitated by Heidi Blakeway. Ready to deliver to GP Practice leaders on behalf of the leadership academy. Being vulnerable and trust go hand in hand when developing leaders and I learned more than a new model this week.

Tracey Watson, Director, Tracey Watson Coaching

I recently certified in everything DiSC with the fruitful group and it was nothing but excellent for me! Fun, enjoyable, interactive and there was never a dull moment during the 2 day course. Heidi enabled me to understand how positive each profile is and how simple but powerful DiSC is in both the workplace and in our personal lives. Do not hesitate to book on with the fruitful group as you will not be disappointed- thank you Heidi you were great!

Jade Wheeler, HR Advisor, London Luton Airport

I spent two days with Heidi on the Everything DiSC Trainer course.

Results: 1. Mind blown 2. New found appreciation for others 3. Career road mapped I cannot recommend Heidi and the Fruitful Team enough! Stephanie Kwok,HR Business Partner, London Luton Airport

I have just attended the Everything DiSC training, brilliantly facilitated by Heidi Blakeway. A thoroughly enjoyable course, which I found both fascinating and thought provoking in terms of the insight it gave me into my personality preference and how this might impact on the way I relate to others. I’m really looking forward to using Everything DiSC in my work with individuals and teams. Watch this space!

Vanessa Garrity – Mental Health Nurse, Change and Development Consultant and Social Media Facilitator

I attended a 2 day DiSC training with the Fruitful Group, which was a fantastic introduction to DiSC and also the 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team. The training was facilitated really well by Heidi Blakeway. She explained things simply and effectively, which gave me great confidence to start using the tools immediately. It is a great addition to my toolkit!

Lorna Jeromson – Wellbeing Coach & Trainer, LBJ Solutions UK

Heidi is an excellent coach, facilitator and trainer and I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Everything DiSC Workplace Certification training with her in May 2018. I feel very confident in using the skills that I have learnt from Heidi due to the quality of the training environment that she created. The support that she provided before, during and after the course has been superb and I very much look forward to continuing to work with her and The Fruitful Toolbox.

Susanne Evans -HR, Organisation Development & Change Consultant & Coach, Feldspar Consulting Ltd

Heidi is a fantastic development professional. She made the learning process easy, fun and informative. It was a great way to learn everything DiSC and it’s possibilities.

Jacqueline Wolstenholme – Learning & Development Specialist, AJ Bell

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