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DiSC Profiles – the solution to improving workplace performance

Over 45 million people across the globe have used the Everything DiSC profiles. Making DiSC the most recognisable brand in the world of research-validated assessments.

DiSC profile

The Everything DiSC profile is generated by clever software that uses adaptive testing, this means that the DiSC assessment process achieves very high levels of reliability, validity and credibility. After completing the 20 minute (approx.) on-line DiSC assessment, the DiSC profile (available in various languages), reports on behavioural style, by measuring the attributes, preferences and aspects of the respondent’s personality.  Your DiSC style is mapped and represented by a dot within one of twelve different regions on the Everything DiSC model.  A wealth of information is then obtained in an easy to read DiSC profile report about your DiSC personality and workplace priorities. In addition to learning about your own behaviour and understanding yourself better, your unique DiSC profile will also help you understand other people’s DiSC personality styles and how they may differ from your own. You can use your DiSC profile to understand other peoples’ motivators, how you react to their style and build a strategy to increase your workplace effectiveness with each individual DiSC style you may work with.

For Every Role, There’s a Profile and Solution

The Everything DiSC profiles inspire, energise, empower and transform entire workforces through the use of a common language. A variety of specialist DiSC profiles have been created so, whether you are looking to develop teams, individuals, leaders, managers or sales professionals, you will find a DiSC profile to suit you.

Teams & Individuals

Workplace®: Start with the Workplace DiSC  profile to develop foundational knowledge for individuals and teams. Regardless of role, this profile will help build more effective and productive working relationships to improve the quality of your workplace.

View a sample Workplace profile

Productive Conflict: helps curb destructive behaviours so that conflict can become more productive, ultimately improving workplace results and relationships.

View a sample Productive Conflict profile

The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team: A powerful team programme for intact team development.

View a sample Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team profile

Leaders & Managers

Work of Leaders®: This DiSC profile focusses on tangible steps directed at leading a group or organisation towards desired outcomes.

View sample Work of Leaders profile

Management: Learn how to read the DiSC styles of the people you manage and learn how to adapt your DiSC style to be more effective.

View sample Management profile

363® for Leaders: combing the best of 360s with the simplicity and power of DiSC, providing personalised strategies that are more productive.

View sample 363 for Leaders profile

Sales People

Sales: Boost sales, referrals and conversions with greater self-awareness and understanding of customer styles.

View sample Sales profile

Every DiSC profile is clear, memorable and actionable. The DiSC profiles have multiple benefits, from recruiting and retaining employees, building effective teams, undertaking appraisals and career development, coaching and professional development and curbing behaviours to reduce conflict.

Delivering the official two day Wiley certification, in Everything DiSC Workplace

We're ready to help!

Here at Fruitful, we certify, up-skill, train and support Leaders and Learning & Development professionals to fully understand the DiSC profiles, ensuring they benefit from their application. So, if you're an L&D Professional responsible for the people development within your organisation, working independently within an L&D business or within a training consultancy, we'd love to hear from you.

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