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Everything DiSC® Sales

Connect with customers, boost sales and increase the effectiveness of even the most experienced sales person.

Everything DiSC Sales is a highly effective way to help all sales people communicate better, adapt their selling style and ultimately improve customer relations.

In terms of application, this powerful tool is perfect for sales development, customer service training and professional and career development.

Help your sales teams to

  • 1 – Discover their DiSC selling style
    Increase self-awareness and understanding of their own behavioural sales style
  • 2 – Identify & understand customers buying styles
    Understand the buying styles of different customers and how to read and identity the different styles
  • 3 – Adapt their style to suit each customer’s needs
    Learn how to adapt selling styles to connect in the best way to the customer, enhancing both sales and customer service

Big benefits

  • Performing Sales Teams – Develop highly intuitive, adaptive and successful sales teams
  • Exemplary customer care/service – Improved understanding and communication enhances customer engagement & loyalty
  • Competitive Advantage – Stand head and shoulders above the competition by ‘getting it right’ for your customers

Please visit our case studies page to read about Sales in action or of course give us a call.

Key Features

Perfect for all sales teams and potential sales people

This powerful tool will get the best out of even the most experienced sales person

25 page reports detail selling style, motivations & how to adapt to customers buying styles

These stand alone, detailed reports are easy to read, supportive, memorable and available in a variety of different languages.

Clear & powerful strategies for improving customer relationships & boosting sales

Sales people receive personalised, practical actions to implement in their daily role

Free Customer Interaction Maps & Comparison Reports

Overcome challenges with specific customers with these detailed reports

Imagine a team of self-aware, adaptable sales people. And, imagine knowing that your customers feel understood and listened to.

Everything DiSC Sales provides you with the practical tips, simple strategies and achievable actions to achieve just that. Sounds like a recipe for sky-high sales!

Your Everything DiSC  Sales Toolbox

In addition to the personalised DiSC profiles you also gain access to a wide range of reports and additional material to help you get the most from this fabulous tool.

Of course, the best way to appreciate the power of Sales is to check it out for yourself. So, please click on the links below to see exactly what you get.

Sales Profile Open link

Discover your DiSC sales style, your motivators, stressors, priorities, strengths and challenges as a salesperson.

Customer Interaction Map Open link

Maximise sales success

Facilitator Supplement Open link

Deeper analysis of assessment scores

Facilitation Kits Open link

Complete modular facilitation programme

ED Sales Facilitators Report Open link

Enrich team development

We're ready to help!

Here at Fruitful, we certify, up-skill, train and support Leaders and Learning & Development professionals to fully understand the DiSC profiles, ensuring they benefit from their application. So, if you're an L&D Professional responsible for the people development within your organisation, working independently within an L&D business or within a training consultancy, we'd love to hear from you.

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