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Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®

Drive your organisation towards its goals

This video introduces Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®, exploring the “VAE” model of Vision, Alignment, and Execution.


Enabling leaders, at all levels, to understand their own leadership style and its impact on their effectiveness, Work of Leaders uses the 3 stage framework of Vision, Alignment, and Execution to deliver clear and practical action plans for sustained leadership development.

Uses: Leadership development, executive coaching, career development

Based on over 4 years’ in-depth research, detailed analysis of prominent leadership best practice and with input from over 300 Leadership experts, from over 150 organisations, this is one powerful strategic leadership tool.

“Great change needs great leadership”

Help your leaders to

  • Understand leadership best practice
  • Discover what great leadership really looks like
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Find out where they are now & where they need to be
  • Identify their leadership strengths, challenges & areas for development
  • Understand how their style impacts on effectiveness in different areas
  • Improve overall leadership performance
  • Learn how to craft a vision, build alignment & champion execution
  • Develop the skills to lead your people towards organisational goals

Big benefits

  • A simple yet powerful way to develop highly effective, inspirational & visionary leaders
  • Smash organisational goals and execute your corporate vision with this powerful framework
  • Based on 4 years’ research into leadership best practice leaders gain impartial expert guidance
  • High performing, visionary leaders drive your organisation faster than the competition

Please visit our case studies page to read more about Work of Leaders in action or of course give us a call.

Crafting a Vision


– Remaining Open
– Prioritizing the Big Picture


– Being Adventurous
– Speaking Out

Testing Assumptions

– Seeking Counsel
– Exploring Implications

Building alignment


– Explaining Rationale
– Structuring Messages


– Exchanging Perspectives
– Being Receptive


– Being Expressive
– Being Encouraging

Championing Execution


– Being Driven
– Initiating Action


– Providing a Plan
– Analyzing In-Depth


– Addressing Problems
– Offering Praise

Imagine an organisation driven towards its goals by inspirational, visionary and highly effective leaders. Everything DiSC Work of Leaders provides you with the perfect framework to achieve just that.

Key Features

Perfect for anyone leading a group or organisation

This powerful tool approaches leadership as a one-to-many relationship

20+ page reports share leadership style across the framework (Vision, Alignment, Execution)

These stand alone, detailed reports are easy to read, supportive and memorable and available in a variety of different languages.

Clear & powerful strategies for achieving Leadership best practice

Assessment against best practice and personalised action points are clearly communicated

Your Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Toolbox

In addition to the personalised profiles you also gain access to a wide range of reports and additional material to help you get the most from this fabulous tool.

Of course, the best way to appreciate the power of Work of Leaders is to check it out for yourself. So, please click on the links below to see exactly what you get.

Work of Leaders Profile Open link

Discover your leadership strengths, challenges and areas for improvement, all measured against best practice

Group Report Open link

Understand the competency of all your leaders against best practice

Facilitator Supplement Open link

Deeper analysis of assessment scores

Facilitation Kits Open link

Complete modular facilitation programme

We're ready to help!

Here at Fruitful, we certify, up-skill, train and support Leaders and Learning & Development professionals to fully understand the DiSC profiles, ensuring they benefit from their application. So, if you're an L&D Professional responsible for the people development within your organisation, working independently within an L&D business or within a training consultancy, we'd love to hear from you.

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