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Why self-awareness is the key to personal developmentWe thought you might find it interesting to read a couple of articles that piqued our interest in November – all pointing to self-awareness as a great starting point for personal development.

The first takes a look at the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) in the workplace, specifically with reference to securing your job in the face of increased automation. The author asks the all-important question, ‘How do I improve my own emotional intelligence?’

The response goes to the heart of everything we do: “Emotional intelligence will be increasingly in demand because it’s something that is hard to attain. After all, you cannot ask someone to be empathic or tell another they need to get better at persuasion. Improving these traits is not an overnight job and is, at heart, a personality shift.


Fortunately, while a challenge, it is possible to improve your EQ. Although there are courses online that claim to help you do this, the best thing you can do is self-evaluate your interactions with others.”

The second delves into the neuroscience behind better performance and makes for interesting reading for anyone looking to improve workforce relationships.

Finally, we downloaded a report from HRZone about understanding your people to build a better workforce. Worth grabbing yourself a cuppa before settling down to read this one, but worth the effort in our opinion!

These are all interesting topics for us; the start point for any kind of performance improvement or personal growth has to be self-awareness and there’s no better way to begin the process of understanding ourselves than through Everything DiSC profiles.

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