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Everything DiSC 363® For Leaders

Improve leadership effectiveness with this supercharged 360 tool

Finally, a 360 leadership competency framework that answers the age old question ‘what next?’

Whether you’re coaching experienced executives, developing leaders, supporting emerging leaders, Everything DiSC 363 is the perfect tool for the job.

“At last, a 360 tool I can use. The feedback is very constructive and focussed on key areas. And the personalised points are really helping me to grow as a leader.”

Help your leaders to

  • Understand their leadership style, competencies and behaviours
  • Discover how they carry out their leadership role
  • Discover how others view their style compared with how they see themselves
  • Understand the leadership behaviours employees want to see more, or less, of
  • Improve their overall leadership effectiveness

Big benefits

  • Clear action points and constructive useable feedback means instant results and change that sticks
  • Selectable comments instils in people the need to be constructive in order to initiate change
  • Increased self-awareness in leaders and an understanding of what others need reduces confusion, politics & dysfunction
  • The stand alone, easy to interpret reports allow lasting change without the need for coaching

Imagine an organisation where every leader is more self-aware and understands and appreciates the leadership behaviours employees want to see. Everything DiSC 363 provides you with the practical tips, simple strategies and achievable actions to achieve just that.

Not just any old 360!

Get the best 360 style feedback you’re used to combined with the power and simplicity of DiSC

Comment Smart
Selectable comments ensures only focussed, useable & constructive feedback

Easy to interpret & apply
Clear visuals combine with conversational & supportive text for accessible and actionable information

Next steps
Improve effectiveness immediately with 3 personalised strategies

How it Works:

1. Leaders complete a two-part online assessment:
Everything DiSC 79-item assessment and a Leadership Behavior section

2. Employees also complete a two-part online assessment:
The same Leadership Behavior section and a Leadership Requests section

Key Features

Perfect for developing ANY leaders in your organisation

363 is the perfect way to develop brand new leaders, existing executives or emerging high-potential leaders

25+ page reports detailing leadership style, outlook & competencies, raters views and leadership requests

These stand alone documents are highly accessible, memorable, easy to interpret and incredibly accurate.

Comment smart and unlimited raters

Selectable comments ensures that leaders receives constructive, balanced feedback from all employees

Clear, accessible and simple strategies for leadership development

Forget pages of graphs and charts, instead think clear visuals and a conversational style

Free Everything DiSC 363 coaching supplement

These 6 page reports are available with every leaders report

Please visit our case studies page to read about 363 in action or of course give us a call.

Your Everything DISC 363 Toolbox

In addition to the personalised DiSC profiles you also gain access to a wide range of reports and material to help you get the most from this fabulous tool.

Of course, the best way to appreciate the power of 363 is to check it out for yourself. So, please click on the links below to see exactly what you get.

363 Profile Open link

Discover your leadership outlook, how other see you in each of the 8 areas, your greatest leadership strengths and 3 strategies for development

363 Coaching Supplement Open link

Deeper analysis of assessment scores

We're ready to help!

Here at Fruitful, we certify, up-skill, train and support Leaders and Learning & Development professionals to fully understand the DiSC profiles, ensuring they benefit from their application. So, if you're an L&D Professional responsible for the people development within your organisation, working independently within an L&D business or within a training consultancy, we'd love to hear from you.

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